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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday (United States) 2011

Today's walk in blog is talking about the Black Friday in United States. I was looking for some definitions in Google to see what exactly is it. Why? Because the days before the Thanksgiving Day, here, I was heard a rumor said that when the Black Friday come (which is a holiday also after the Thanksgiving Day - no work) everything sale was gonna have a huge discount for sale. And the shops will open since the early of the day, maybe around 1-3 AM. Interesting right?

Here some conclusion - a short definition I got from the Google machine:

Black Friday means when the stores start to make a profit for the year and are no longer in the red, with the holiday sales they are now in the black. by JAN
Black Friday is a HUGE shopping day in the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving, which is always on a Thursday. It's the day when many businesses start to actually make a profit for the year, and thus are "in the black" in terms of accounting. by dances with unicorns

So, the day was coming which is the day after the Thanksgiving Day (Thursday). That's mean a Friday. And I was gonna wake up in the morning and remembered due to some warning: please be careful in the street it could be a busy off day and in the shop could be a lot of peoples coming. 

I was receive some offering from my office friend to buy some sort of perfumes on the shop name Memorial city mall area. The Memorial area of Houston, Texas, United States is west of Downtown Houston and northwest of Uptown Houston. Please see the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial,_Houston for further information :).

The first come I was going using hotel shuttle bus but later to go back to hotel I was using a yellow cab. The reason is because the hotel shuttle bus can be wait any longer until 12 PM. No particular reason why the hotel shuttle driver do that but I guess because of the holiday itself. So everybody wants their own life to spend, including the hotel shuttle bus driver also.

First coming in Memorial mall area was a perfumes shop named Bath & Body Works. And off course they were a lot of peoples around the mall area and the shop itself. I will show you some pictures :

The cashiers line on The Bath and Body Works area.

A couple of perfumes. 

A cute bag made from paper to put all things you buy. 

Off course if you said is there any man inside that perfumes shop? I said yes. But normally not too much. Just maybe 2-3 man there include me. Hehehe. And how surprsing they have a discount sale also in here. Like three perfumes you can buy just only for $10 (not include tax). The tax itself is about around 8.25% from the total things you buy. 

Around 12 PM off course feeling hungry enough. Going outside the shop and looking for some food in place they called food court area. Going through and see around. Many peoples here. The inside mall area was good.  Here some nice pictures I was taken : 

The center of the mall area. They have a big watch also in case maybe peoples forget about the time.

Close up see for the bottom of the big watch. Pretty impressive design.

A view way to a food court area.

Which side you want to go for? The four direction guide way.

Okey, coming to the food court area. They have a lots of food stands there. You can pick up ones nd more food. Like common western foods like Mc Donald, Taco Bell and some kind of pizza food stands, and they have a eastern food stand also like Japanese sushi, Chinese fast food and etc. I was trying to look which one is good enough for my wallet and for my taste. Hehehe.

One side view of the food court area. Peoples come, talk, eat and gone. Hehehe.

Another side of the food court area. This is the food court that has in the way.

Another side of the food court area also. This one was the center of the food court area.

Finnaly, I picked up one a Japanese food stand called Oishii Kitchin. Close enough for my taste.
This food was a Chicken Teriyaki for $9.18 (include tax).

I was going to another place also. They have sport station here for sell shoes, clothes and etc. I was come in a sport store called Food Locker. Their website is www.footlocker.com. If you want to see the store and their product details, the site is in: http://www.footlocker.com/?SID=8793&inceptor=1&cm_mmc=SEM-_-Engine-_-Google-_-www+footlocker.

And I bought a Nike hoodie gray color XL sized. That ones was what I want and need for - a XL sized and a gray scale hoodie. I was looking at Indonesian department stores couple times ago but I didn't found it. And fortunately I found it here. Off course I got some discount also for that. He he he.

I got this in the fornt of some shopping place. It's kind a clothes store. 

My new Nike hoodie.I took the picture after come back to the hotel.

I got to back to the hotel and take a rest. For the dinner I was ordered some asian food from a Chinese restaurant around the hotel and gave some fee for the guy who was delivered those food. I like the fresh asian food to go. And in here they have a couple of them. But because that day was a Black Friday which is a holiday, no much food restaurants was open. I was called the one which is still open at that time and has a delivery order also. 

Some kind of vegetables and seafood mixed plus hot rice. All of those plus tax and fee it's around $25.

Off course the prize was a quite bit expensive in Indonesia. But for now in here I think is okey so far I got peer diem money and not spend too much about food. I have 3 weeks remain stay here so must be careful about money also. And that's all. I think enough for share the Black Friday day in here. Don't spend too much money even the prize was probably surprisingly so down and don't crazy for shopping. Hehehe. Have a good weekend, friends :).


  1. wkwkwkwkwkwk...... belanja perfume.. keren..keren.. (^0^)b....
    kl di situ pas Black Friday, di Indonesia pas mau Malam 1 Suro.... but no sale, no discounts T_T

  2. ngeliat yose belanja parfum jd inget temenku di kantor.. beli parfum aja jauh-jauh, sampe di kirim dari USA, eeh pas sampe kantor parfumnya bocor aja n tinggal setengah..haduuh.. ya sudah yose beli parfum yang banyak deh kalo gitu..

  3. going round the world like YOU,good job :D

  4. going round the world like YOU,good job :D