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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jakarta, Dubai, Houston

Finally the day for my next training, Phase 2 Module 1 and 2 has come.
Persiapan dan sebagainya. Friday 18 Nov Jam 8 malam berangkat ke CGK. Berikut foto-foto ny sebelum keberangkatan.

 Stand khusus buat peserta Sea Games XXVI di airport. Blom jodoh ke sini. Lewatin sambil foto aja :P. 

Dua jam sebelum keberangkatan mesti ready di airport. 

Keberangkatan yang sekarang pakai EMIRATES EK 0359 (Economy Class). From Jakarta CGK to Dubai DXB then continoue to Hoston IAH. 

Suasana antrian untuk EMIRATES EK 0359.

Sebelum masuk imigrasi.

Sampai di Dubai DXB masih hari Sabtu 19 Nov jam 05.30 pagi. Nunggu 4 jam for next trip to Houston IAH. Sempat ambil beberapa foto dan juga makan pagi di foodcourt airport sana. Betul2 airport yang besar. 

 My new friend, Pak Hari, was checking his schedule to Manchester.

First time we coming, I have met and talked to my new friend in the plane, pak Hari. His wafe is in the UK for studying S3. But unfurtunately he lost his belt in securty check point for visitors in Dubai airport. So we report and talked in the information centre.

Many peoples comes to ask for help or just ask to make sure about flight information.

Don't forget to take a photo with something gorgeous or extraordinary here. For example a winning car and F1 car that was allocated here to make sure peoples interested about what they have been done. 

Win this luxury car :P.

Spesifikasi mobilnya. 

Another things is I found an interesting a F1 race car. This mobil is a collaboration project between TOTAL and LOTUS RENAULT GP. It's color reminded me about one of Gundam charcters named Banshee Gundam. 
Tampak samping kiri. Don't touch it. Touch mean you must dare to face these prize :p.

Tampak depan. Gorgeous isn't?

Berfoto sejenak :).

Dubai airport banyak jual macam2 souvenir, sepatu, tas, hp, bahkan minuman keras (liqueur). Beberapa foto2 nya : 
 Beberapa souvenir mungil di salah satu toko.

VERTU. HaPe yang SPG ny bilang yang warna emasnya dilapisi emas 24 karat. Don's ask me for prize..

Chivas Regal. 25 years aged. Ckckck..

Next stop is foodcourt. They have a waiting list card for order. After you paid they will give you a card look like and it will be beeping (alarm and red blinking) that means your food is ready and you must take it in order desk.

Salah satu sudut food court. Cosi. Pesen langsung makan di tempat. 

The card look like that can be beeping after meals is ready in Cosi.

Menu breakfast st. Sejenis baked burger pake telor + keju.

Setelah itu menunggu kira2 sejaman di Gate 215 buat ganti pesawat ke Houston, EMIRATES 0211. Di sini saya sempat ber-internetan using free airport wi-fi. 

Dimana-mana semua orang menunggu. Hehehe.

Kira-kira jam 4 sore kurang Saturday, 19 Nov I was arrived safely in Houston airport, IAH. But 7-8 hours before we're landing, the plane was got a strong wind blow. The plane was shocked. And off course we're panicked. Thanks to God it's not in a long time.

In Houston I was picked up by a Limo driver and we're going to La Quinta Inn & Suites Houston Westchase. 

A couple minutes after that my friend, mbak Mercy and his husband was invited me to dinner and go for shopping. Not shopping definition in Indo, I was going to buy some important things to life here, such as drinking water, snack, toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo, soap and etc. 

In meantime, I saw the market is already in Christmas decoration. Those photos are: 

Salah satu sudut market yang saya kunjungi bersama teman. 

Looks a Christmas time inside the market.

And that's it. Thanks to God I has been arrived here safety. Thanks to my family and friends also in Indo and Houston, who was take care and pry for me. I was sent some SMS to my family and friends in Indo that informed I was landed here and evertything was ok.

Thanks to my sister also, Nainora Ratri, who always been care and took a time to tracking my trip from Jakarta to Houston :-).


  1. hehehe.....ada yang kurang kerjaan tracking trip nya orang...wkwkwkwkwkwkwk (^0^)

  2. Foto yose yg dekat spanduk seagames udah kaya atlit, bagus yose, lanjutkan foto2nya hehehe..
    mobilnya keren banget..putih lagi..luv white banget dech!! souvenirnya juga bagus n sptnya lucu buat temen koleksi gundammu yang banyak itu di lemari :D..menu breakfastna pasti gak seenak burfood (bubur seafood)iya kan yos hehe..christmas giftnya terlihat bagus,,,qu bisa laper mata kalo di situ..hmm...

  3. @Nainora Ratri makasih dek :). hehehe.
    @sari_enzu hee.. lumayanlah sar buat foto2 dokumentasi perjalanan. hem y makanan agak susah di sini. aneh2 juga rasanya.. kangen Ta Wan di Jakarta.. hiks.

  4. iyah.. banyakan yg aneh, masih enak makan nasi sama telor ceplok ya yos hehehe,,,bsk kalo dah pulang kita makan di Tawan..