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Friday, November 11, 2011

One Week Before To Go

After two days was down and lying in my bed coz of GED, I come back to work and prepare the rest of my preparation to go to Houston.. Not too much I can do today (considering it's a Friday also ^^. You know what I mean :). I mean, it is a bussy day and full of deadline. My lunch time is changed also to be 01.30 PM. Hehehe).

The another reason off course I can't do much. Still eat a chicken porridge but thanks to all of my friends and family who are keep supporting up till today :).  
I know you are amazing guys ^^!

E-Ticket Page 1

E-Ticket Page 2

Those are my e-ticket to go to Houston and back to Indonesia and today I got a confirmation letter from training comittee on there. A couple tasking ask to do. But yeah I do that for sure even step by step. Hehehe.

Tomorrow I have a plan to visit mothers and family of my friend in Houston. They are nice and sure welcome to help. I heard their house was renovated. It was great news :)!

I must go to rest now and doing some personnal stuff. Have a good weekend guys ^^!


  1. so that chicken porridge have a quite deep impact. good for you, though :P

  2. but, congratulation, anyway. be safe, brother !