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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day (United States) 2011

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. It has officially been an annual tradition since 1863, when during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26. As a federal and popular holiday in the U.S., Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays of the year. Together with Christmas and the New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader holiday season.

The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated to give thanks to God for guiding them safely to the New World. The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days, providing enough food for 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans.The feast consisted of fish (cod, eels, and bass) and shellfish (clams, lobster, and mussels), wild fowl (ducks, geese, swans, and turkey), venison, berries and fruit, vegetablespeas, pumpkin, beetroot and possibly, wild or cultivated onion), harvest grains (barley and wheat), and the Three Sisters: beans, dried Indian maize or corn, and squash.The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating "thanksgivings"—days of prayer thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought. (


Those are the history and some short explanation about the Thanksgiving Day from the internet I got. The Thanksgiving Day was already celebrated in here was in Thursday, 24 November 2011.

First all before we're start lets see how the hotel is :). I am living in the hotel they called La Quinta Inns & Suites located in Houston Westchase 10850 Harwin Dr. A quite good hotel. I am staying in 2nd floor.

Tampak dari lantai 2. Inside the La Quinta Inns & Suites looks like.

Tampak dari sisi kiri bagian luar entrance door.

Tampak dari sisi kanan bagian luar entrance door.

Kira-kira pukul 10 pagi my friend mrs Mercy was picked me up to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day in their home in Pearland. We were going to buy some fresh vegetables and fish and another good things. We were visiting an Asian supermarket. Inside look likes pretty like common Asian bigstore. They was called by Viet Hoa - International Foods. Close enough from the hotel using a Yellow Cab (taxi). Please check those photos:

 Cashier side. Is always in the front of the shop.

Bitter Melon. In Indonesia we called it as Pare. Look how big the size it was.

Kangen sama masakan Indo? Di sini ada kecap nya. Kecap ABC dan kecap Bango. Hehe.

Catfish a.k.a Lele. $ 2.89 per pound (Lb). Size is so big also. Hehehe.

Sempat belanja bahan makanan siap makan & asian food snack like dumpling di sini.

About 12 PM more I was going to Mercy's house in Pearland, Texas. She said that Pearland is in not in the Houston area. So we move a bit further to south (I think from the maps. Hehehe). If you want to know more please visit the official Pearland government site: http://www.ci.pearland.tx.us/.

She and her husband was moved to their new house. The house is amazing and wonderful. I can feel the taste of art inside the house and a warm atmosphere. How interesting. I took the pictures of their house outside:

Tampak bagian depan Mercy's house at Pearland.

 Tampak the way in the front of Mercy's house.

After that we has a lunch together. I was always remember she was cooking a rice. Hehehe. Somehow when I eat something here is always good. Even a burger or a froozen food. But you know, eat hot rice is always better :). Hehehe. 

Around 3 PM we was going to watching a newest movie in 3D format : Immortals. I always be curious about something like legend, action and animation movie. This is the link of its official trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VdONYkKFmQ.

Tampak depan 'bioskop' Cinemark. He he he.

Beli popcorn dulu sebelum nonton film.

Berfoto sejenak dengan popcorn dan isi ny (bungkusny iklan new Sherlock Holmes: 
A Game of Shadows).

Hem.. Han's Solo on Star Wars Ep 1 : The Phantom Menace 3D? Hehehe :P.

The 3D Glasses. Can be recycle after use it or just keep it for your own good. 
The movie was great. Amazing and I was remembered about the Matrix movie effect when the good ones was throw the weapon or shooting the enemy with some special lightning arrows. The one I don't like it is  there was too many bloods spread.. For you has already watched the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, you could be upset after saw this movie. But no doubt the effect of sounds and picture was perfect :)!

After that we move outside to find a good place for dinner and celebrate the Thanksgiving day together. We has found an old country store with the restaurant inside. The store named the Cracker Barel. It's pretty nice place and I think I pretty found the mean of Thanksgiving Day at that time.. Not about the celebration, not about the party.. But it all about how we supposed to be thank you to God and be together in close time with our family :). Here some interesting photos : 

Tampak depan Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store.

They have a restaurant inside the store. With an old country style decoration also :).

This is what we talked about the old country style. An interior decoration of its restaurant. 

Foto dinner bersama Gary Wallace and Mercy Matondang Wallace.

We were enjoying the foods. We come back to the hotel after finished the dinner. Well, it's right that a Thanksgiving Day maybe a celebration for another peoples here. Going to somewhere place. Make a BBQ and etc. But for me a Thanksgiving Day means a close relationship with the peoples you cares most. I was enjoying talking with Mercy's family. We were talking about Bible and life also. It has changed my mind. 

Thank you Gary. Thank you Mercy. Have a good weekend and God bless you ^^.


  1. wow.... pastinya asyik banget ya Thanksgiving-nya bersama orang-orang terkasih... Y.O.U looked so happy ... it's nice to see Y.O.U smile like that :)

  2. Thank you dek :). Yes, indeed :)!

  3. Nice little story for begin your new adventure in Houston,Texas. November 2011.
    Warm Regard,
    Gary and Mercy WALLACE

  4. Thank you Gary and Mercy Wallace :). Will be so curious for the next plan and visit :).

  5. There must be an unforgetable moments. It is nice to experience God's love and share it with others in the different places, times and people.