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Monday, November 28, 2011

Today's walk : Masala Wok

Sunday, 27th November 2011. Today's walk is talking about an Indian restaurant - one of the famous Indian restaurant in Houston named Masala Wok. There was a cold whether outside the hotel at that time around 1 PM. The sun was bright but the wind was cold and a bit strong. So me and my friend, Souvik Sengupta, as our planned before was going there used a Yellow Cab (taxi). The cost was about $8.

Coming inside the restaurant they were many menus. Two sided menus Asian and Indian. And some spicy food they put mark as a red pepper. And they have a nice place also. Kind a warm place and the smell of the food that already ready was good also.

The cashier side. The guy with white hoodie is my friend, Souvik.

Front side of the menu. 

 Back side of the menu.Two sided of Menus Indian and Asian also.

Masala Wok actually a casual Asian Indian restaurant. Because they have an Asian and Indian foods also. The restaurant is located in Carillon 10001 Westhaimer Road Suite 1060. So, what does Masala Wok means? From the paper menus we can see : 

Masala is aromatic mixture of ground spices. Sure the smell's very good.
And Wok is a bowl shaped cooking utensil used in Asian cooking for stir fry.
Masala Wok itself has a mean of a casual dinner featuring the best of flavors from Asia and India.

Because I like something about rice, juicy foods, and curious about Indian food spices, I was ordered a Chicken Curry Rice (with Nan - two Indian bread) and Tikka Masala Chicken Rice (with Nan also). Both of them off course less spicy. I don't like too spicy foods. Hehehe. Both of those foods plus some Tikka Massala additional souce and drink was about $33. Here comes some pictures : 

While waiting my friend's food ready. We were decided to take a way the foods.

A Chicken Curry Rice with Nan.

A Tikka Masala Chicken Rice with Nan also.

The receipt of those my food for lunch and dinner. See the website? You can order from that also.

Okay finish. So after all those foods include me and my friend was ready to go, we were going a plane to walking come to our hotel. But not so far from Masala Wok restaurant, we just already realized that the whether is not too good. Too cold and wind was blowing strong. So either get sick or our foods will be frozen (hehehehe-too much), we just come back to the restaurant and asked the cashier guy to call a Yellow Cab to brought us back to our - one month peacefully life - hotel. It has taken around $8 also to came back using a cab here. 

Well not too much activities for Sunday here. You know, because the whether is beginning to cold. Maybe get winter season sooner. That's it. So like what I was asking my friend, Souvik Sengupta, about some words in Indian usually to say something before eat: 

chal kha lete hain!, let's eat*!

Have a good day friend's. Let's work for Monday ^^.


  1. wauuuuwwww....pasti enak tuh.... jadi laperr... (^0^). dan foto-fotonya bagus-bagus pula... duuuhh.... kapan-kapan jadi pengen nyobain juga

  2. I bet the food is definitely tasty. I want to try it one day ....... blogs are cool with some nice photos ... cool (^0^)

  3. wiih ttg resto india...masakannya biasanya enak2, cuman ya itu spicy abis hehe,,,kalo aku suka, kalo yose engga hahaha...nasinya panjang2, kalo di sini nasi yg spt itu dibilangnya nasi impor..bagus yose.... ayo dilanjutkan menulisnya..

  4. Thank you Nora for the comments and praises :). Thank you Sari for the info and supports :).

  5. nice photos :)
    di tembalang ada yellow cab juga lo kak, a.k.a angkooot, heheee

  6. Thank you Anjar. Long time not see Semarang :). Salam bwt bpk ibu dosen ya.

  7. Yose.......its very good blog...whatever you write is correct...