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Monday, December 5, 2011

Brothers... and Ships...

 "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear friends. Today's Sunday, 04th December 2011. The first week in this new month and the last week also for the first Phase2 training here. For peoples who were attending the WesternGeco Phase2 Module1 training some of us was leaving this city since yesterday. It was 6 peoples from us were going back to their original countries or the countries that they have been assigned for work. Here's some good photos taken by my good friend Dzul Affandi Roslan :

One of my good friend, Ali Hussain Al-Muallim (credit photo to my friend Dzul Affandi Roslan).

One of my good friend also Reim Emam (credit photo to my friend Dzul Affandi Roslan).

Training days was fun. Even we have a couple problems here. Some of us has a difficulty about food, weather, money, lecture, hotel and other. But so far, thanks to God, we were survived. I was remembering the first day I met those smart and nice peoples, I was sat in the wrong place in the shuttle cab because of I can't slept at that last night. So funny. I meet other guys and girls from many countries, USA, Malaysia, Arab, England, China, Egypt and others. Somehow we can share together about our life in here. We're talking about family, about our life in the office, about our future, and many things. Here's some pictures taken by my friend Dzul Affandi Roslan on Graduation Day Friday, 02nd Dec 2011 :

 My good friend Dzul Affandi Roslan (Right) with one of our Instructor Mark Lee (Left). 
Dzul is a very good photographer.

With one of our instructor, Mark Lee at the graduation day.

Everything maybe was not going so good at the first time. But two weeks we was passing through and the time was coming for some of us to come back. And another of us will continue next training which is Phase2 Module2 from Dec 5 - Dec 16, 2011. I always hope all of us will be good and alright for now and in the future.

 The graduation day-all of us with one of our instructor Mark Lee-very nice and smart guy.

The graduation day. Picture was taken by different camera.


And talking about friends and brothers, I was going with my friends, Souvik Sengupta and Sophie Alderman to a mall here called Galleria on Saturday, 03rd December 2011. For details info about Galeria can be found in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Galleria_%28Houston%29 and http://www.simon.com/mall/default.aspx?ID=805.

The shuttle bus was specially requested to us to go there in the weekend because at the regular time, it could be not possible to us to using the shuttle bus on weekends. We were going from hotel around 10 AM. And maybe take 15-20 minutes to trip to the Galleria mall. The first place We're stopped was a Starbucks Coffee. It was in 3rd floor and has a good view. And go around somewhere after that. Here's some good pictures :

A Starbucks Coffee in 3rd floor. Souvik and Sophie was talking together.

A viewing to the downstairs floors.

A view to the sky from inside the mall.

The polar ice area inside mall for ice skating.

After that we went separately. Sophie was going to somewhere else place. So me and Souvik decided to go by ourselves somewhere inside the mall.

My friend Souvik Sengupta. Very nice guy.

In the front of clothes shop.

When we're taking a pictures somewhere inside the mall a security guy was coming and said no take a picture. What a silly. He didn't say something and off course we didn't see that rules in the front of mall. So, after the security guy was going somewhere we open the digital camera again and take a pictures again. Hehehe. Here's the pictures at that 'critical' time :

My friend Souvik Sengupta. I like the tittle backside. 

Smiling. The police mall guy behind after that just told us to not take any picture inside the mall. Off course, after that we took a picture again. Hehehe.

Actually we didn't have any plan to buy something. But at that moment we just passed a Bath & Body Works perfumes shop. We was looking around inside and hey we found some interesting perfumes inside and we bought it for a gift to our friends. 

Shopping. For perfumes. Hehehe.

After we got perfumes we just looking around and realizing in the center of that mall has a very big Christmas tree. We're in the 3rd floor but we still can saw and decided to take a picture also. Here's the pictures : 

My friend Souvik Sengupta in the front of a giant Christmas tree.

Definetely I take a pose also. It's will be rare to get the picture in the front of a giant Christmas tree.

We came back to hotel and arrived around 02:30 PM. The wind was blowing strong outside the hotel. And then around 04:30 PM my friend mrs. Mercy Wallace was coming and picked me up to go to their home in Pearland to celebrate my birthday on 05th December 2011 which is next week. I got a bottle full of Prebiotics and drink it almost empty. Hehehe. And later we're going outside to a shop named Toys"R"Us and after that went to an Italian restaurant named Olive Garden in Pearland to celebrate my birthday.

The Prebiotic bottle that Gary gave me. I drank it and sure the taste was so tasty :). Hehehe.

Supplement facts back in the bottle.

The outside view of Gary and Mercy's home at night. Was already decorated for Christmas. 

The same view but I used flash lamp option in my digital camera. 

The Toys"R"Us was located in Pearland near Gary and Mercy's home.

An example of Foursquare Toys"R"Us Holiday 2011 badge of mine. 

 LEGO Ninjago. 

 KRE-O Transformers.

The cashier lines of Toys"R"Us. 

We celebrate my birthday in one of the Italian restaurant named Olive Garden located in Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 2808 Smith Ranch Rd Pearland, TX 77584 (for details please see: http://www.whitepages.com/business/olive-garden-italian-restaurant-pearland-tx). We have a very good dinner and time. I ate chicken and pasta, drank an apple juice and a bit of red whine. We're sharing and dinner together. We have enjoyed time at the moment.

Olive Garden an Italian Restaurant in Pearland, TX.

In front of Olive Garden restaurant close up.

The menus. 

The red whine. 

The foods for dinner. So delicious. Delizioso! Eccellente!

I love this picture (taken before we ate the main menu).
Thanks to Gary Wallace and Mercy Wallace.

So that's all my share about Brothers... and Ships... graduation day and the Saturday activities for today. I always hope we're all good and alright. PS: If you don't mind I suggested you can play the Youtube "Full Metal Alchemist Brothers Violin" also while you are reading this blog. I like the violin sounds and it's perfectly match for me when I was writing down this blog at Sunday morning. Thank you. And have a nice Sunday ^^!


  1. 20 billion organism... O__o apa aja yaaa??? xixixixi....
    oiya di bbrp mall kan emang gak boleh ambil gambar, karena alasan public security..
    oh and nice writing, nice picts, and nice perfumes..xixixi ada cowok belanja parfum...again (^0^).. keren..keren..
    tapi diatas semuanya itu, thank you for sharing. Gbu

  2. Yose very good journey from a seismic engineer to a Author... I think you should be Author not a seismic engineer with such a good expression in writing.......keep it up....good job..

  3. yes, i think i agree with mr.sengupta. you are a very good writer.. :)

  4. @Nainora Ratri: Thank you for very good comments dek. Mind if you tell your friends about my blog (*promotionModeOn :D. hehehe)? @Mr. Soufik Sengupta: Oh man you are too nice. I am still learning and those compliments was too much for me. But honestly I like you said that and for replacement my name to be Mr. Yose Kumar. Hahaha :P.