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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Galleria Jilid 2 (Galleria Part 2)

Dear Friends,

The P2M2 training here will be end on this Friday. Everybody must be happy. It almost two tests and we all can be going home happily. Well, somehow for me a little bit has a feeling kind a lost of this place. Maybe about the training, about friends and maybe about the hotel too. You know, one month stay here is not easy. But so far we're enjoyed. Hehehe.

Last Sunday, 11 Dec 2011 some friends and me went to Galleria (again). We're just going around for shopping and I so far I remembered we're going after lunch time. It was four of us, me, Souvik Sengupta, Reim Emam, and Ali Hussain Al-Muallim. We're going on there by yellow cab (taxi) as usual here. Not too much things we did on there. It just go around and buying some stuffs.

I took some good pictures on there. Galleria sure it a big mall. And we're enjoying there. Here's some pictures at that time:

A picture I got in the front of dress rental shop.

My friend, Souvik Sengupta and the girls - he looks so nervous :p.

First coming, Reim wants to drink a coffe and while she's ordering the coffe and Ali was going somewhere to buy an external hard disk, me and Soufik was taking some pictures. Later, Reim also join with us.

My friend, Reim and Souvik in the front of a coffee shop.

My friend, Reim, and me in the front of a coffee shop.

We met Ali after 4 PM and after that we're going together and take pictures again.We did bought something. But almost all the time we spend just to walking and looking around. 

 The Three Musketeers? Hehehe. Me, Souvik and Ali.

Me, Reim and Souvik. A little bit tired after walking around. 

When we're walking we found a artificial tree with lamps. The idea was simple. But took a picture beside that tree was good I think. Here some pictures results: 

 Two brothers - Ali and Souvik.

Ali, Soufik and Reim. I like the way how they were posing there. So calm.

Took a picture beside a lightning tree. Alone. 

After that we go again and found a Tesla car stand shop. Tesla is an electric car based. The site is: http://www.teslamotors.com/. I got two pictures on there. Hehehe. 

Front view Tesla car. I can not see the camera. Hahaha.

Side view. Look's cool, isn't it? 

Then Reim found a chocolate shop. Actually that is not a pure chocolate but a strawberry fruit coated with chocolate. Reim look so desperate to take one of that strawberry-chocolate. Hehehe. And those are the pictures as she requested: 

Looks at cute strawberry chocolate things.. Hemm yummy ^^.

''Emm.. I am thinking.. I am thinking.. Buy or not.. Buy or..."

Almost go home we came to the downstairs. Souvik and Reim found an interesting spot to take pictures. I must admit Souvik is kind a photo-lover-self. He push me to take his picture always. Hahaha. Here's the results: 

A happy 'couple' model - Souvik and Reim. Hehehe.

With a landscape mode.

A 'simple' Christmas for me ^^.

Finally almost 7.30 PM and looks all the shop were going to close. The last moment before we go from there I took two pictures with a giant Christmas tree inside the mall. Really a big one tree. Here's the pictures:

Reim and the big Christmas tree.

Me and the big Christmas tree.

Well, so far all of us came back safely at that night almost 9 PM I think. And then lesson learn at that time, if you want to go to the Galleria and spend much time there, better to go back before 7:30 PM. A bit difficult to find a yellow cab (taxi) and somehow better to go back early is to avoid from you know, a 'tricky' driver that wants more money and just going with another route back than a normal route. 

That's it, Friends. Thank you for reading this blog Galleria Jilid 2 (Galleria Part 2). Have a nice day!


  1. @Bandai AWG si boss koment nihh. makasih y bro ^^. jadi member blog sy dong bro :).

  2. hehehehe...... nice pictures at The Galleria (again...)

  3. ko ga ada ka yose rizal with the girls in Galleria ya?hehee

  4. @aloktiko good question dek. hehehe. no specific reason cuma gk pengen aja.

  5. no specific reason or grogi kak? (ˇ_ˇ>o-(ˇ▽ˇ)

  6. @geooktiko grogi? no way dek ^^.