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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Houston, Sugar Land and Wharton - Once Upon A Time

Dear Friends,

I would like to share about the activities on Saturday, 10 Dec 2011. Yesterday I went with my good friend Gary Wallace and Mercy Matondang Wallace to places named Sugar Land and Wharton, TX for recreation. Mercy was picked me up from La Quinta Inn & Suites Houston - Westchase around 11:20 AM. Surprisingly she gave an awesome gift for my birthday last 5 Dec: a Foursquare original hoddie in XL sized.

 Thanks to Mercy Matondang Wallace for this awesome birthday gift :-)!

Pose beside a Christmas tree inside the La Quinta Hotel Inn & Suites.

Taken directly outside of the hotel. The wind little bit strong at that day.

First place we're going was to Sugar Land, TX. A brief explanation I have found about Sugar Land is on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_Land,_Texas. We're going to markets named Whole Foods and Kroger. In Kroger I took some money from ATM for myself but in Whole Foods we did a shopping times in there. When you say shopping times it means not only buying and looking around not for buying a bags, a favorite  electronics spend some money etc but also buying something you need in example some coffee, wine's, some foods and something like that. The Whole Foods market has it's own website in http://wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/sugarland/ and for the maps is in http://wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/store-locations/?storeabbr=SGL#map_top.

A wine's corner inside Whole Foods.
Pretty much impressive and ever seen anything like that before.

Some ornaments hanging on the wall. I like the way they design and placed in.

Salad and salads. Salad is good and I must try to enjoy and familiarize consume it.

Hands sanitizer. If you need to clean up your hands with this. 

After buying some needs we have go walk outside come back to car. But I think the good looking around outside the market was pretty awesome and it will be good to take some pictures. Here's the result: 

I like the structure looking looks like. And they put chairs and table outside also for guests.

A park outside the market. 
Pedestrian can safety and enjoy walking through and it has a good view also.

In the front of the Whole Foods - Sugar Land market, they have an artificial fountain.

With Gary Wallace. We're not a hostile :-). When you see our glasses was black it because of the sun was shinny outside. But the temperature as usual in the winter was cold. 

Then we back to car and ready to go to Kroger. But in the middle of the way, not far from Whole Foods market, the traffic lights was on and we have stopped a while. I got some pictures at that moment:

Waiting for the green lamp turned on. Looks how neat and regular they were. 
Well what I said it was a good behavior to obey the rules somehow in the street.

The Sugar Land police car. Good looking. 

Going to Kroger in Sugar Land. We're not shopping anymore just take some cash money and back to car to continue our way to Wharton, TX. Kroger itself has own website and if you like you can find it in http://www.kroger.com/Pages/default.aspx. I didn't took the pictures much because it's just look like a common market in America. I just  took two pictures in the Kroger-outside and inside:

Welcome to Kroger marketplace. Even you need a sofa, you can buy in Kroger here also.

Charged for every time you take cash about $2.95 here. More or less it around $3 in another ATM machine. Don't forget see the "VISA" or "Master Card" logo before you use.

In Wharton, TX the first stop place we're in was a restaurant. Absolutely because at that moment was in lunch time around 1 PM I think). The restaurant is a country-restaurant they said here. Because it's history and decoration is a country everywhere. Before talking about the restaurant, the first thing is talked about the Wharton, TX. It has official website in: http://www.cityofwharton.com/ and the city limits map is  http://www.cityofwharton.com/images/citylimits.pdf. It was a good state I think. Well not too crowded like Houston but so far if you like a quite but good place maybe you must considering to visit this place.  

The country-restaurant I mentioned before has named Hinze's BBQ. They called BBQ because it looks almost all the best menus here is BBQ. Remember cowboy, deer, meat, hat, BBQ and others attributes from country sign? It has here. And not stopped about menus, if you like wearing the t-shirt, they have the original one marked by them self (with restaurant named and the bull head sign) and you can buy here. This restaurant is famous around here and what my friends told me, they didn't open any branch restaurant outside, except the only and one in here. The official site for this country-restaurant is: http://www.hinzesbarbque.com/. And you can find Hinze's BBQ also in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hinzes-BBQ/144821648894068.

 A video about Hinze's BBQ I have found in Youtube taken on 2008.
You can see the way surrounding go there and how the place look like.

 My country-lunch menu: a ribs steak, bread, sausage, smashed potatoes, some beans and pickles. 

Inside the restaurant. After finish take a lunch.

 Hinze's BBQ parking area. It's quite here but many cars was coming. 

In the front of Hinze's BBQ country-restaurant.

Then after we're finished the lunch and took pictures, we're ready to go to my friend, Gary Wallace his great grandfather house in Wharton, TX. The road typically like in the village-long and many areas was fill with grass. Not many houses in that area. Here's some pictures: 

A way go to Gary's great grandfather house. Long way and you can drive faster.
No problemo, Amigos!

A turned way and a power line in the way. A quite way.

More close to the final destination. The village way. 

A tree in the street. A lonely tree. Here no street lamps. 

 Gary's great grandfather house.

Come to Gary's great grandfather house. We do some homework: take a ground water with hoe as drinking water deposit to our gallons. I was take some pictures also and just looking around. The ground maybe look drying because of the weather temperature itself, but in some animals like worm and mole was stay inside the ground. Oh I forgot to mentioned when I was there the temperature was crazy cold down and bitted to skin. I was wearing the army jacket to make my body warm enough. No jacket it means almost hypothermia outside there. Believe me! The jacket I borrowed from My good friend, Gary Wallace himself.

*Three successful way how to do a good homework specially when you're working outside
(don't do this at home - just joke. Hehehe):

Step #1: Spread the water to the ground.

Step #2: Do something with style. 

Step #3: And stepped back and take a picture (again). Hehehe.
*In the balcony of Gery's great grandfather house. 

Then we're going to back outside the house. It's a small river. They called Colorado river. The river I think bigger in someplace else (I was looking in the internet) but near Gary's great grandfather house the river is small. But it doesn't mean not good. After you look those pictures, I believe you will change your mind about river :-). Here's some pictures about our trip to that river:

 How the river looks like. Covered by high grass.

Small way to go through the river in down way. Be careful slippery step.

One view straight on the Colorado river. Noticed there was a black bull.

Another view looking of the Colorado river. Quite river but beautiful.

After saw the river and looking around, we go back to car to come back to the Gary's great grandfather house and ready to go back to hotel. But in the middle of way between the river and the house we're founding a very interesting spot - a very good looking and beautiful place for take pictures. Here the photos I was taken: 

I like this picture. Very good spot and angle :-).

A landscape viewing of the place. Sweet :-).

Those two photos was my last/ closed pictures for today's blog. It was a good trip to went around Houston, Sugar Land and Wharton - Once Upon A Time. Thanks to Gary Wallace and Mercy Matondang Wallace to came, picked me up and chance to saw all those good things.

And that's it my friends, thanks for visit & read this blogspot. Have a good & wonderful Sunday :-)!


  1. the most epic photo : you with the deer.... santa's coming to town...xixixixixixi......
    nice writing, nice pictures....as usual...
    pardon me for this "late" comment hahaha

    good job !!

  2. Terima kasih banyak dek. He he he. Muchas gracias :-).