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Monday, December 19, 2011

Natal Bersama 2011 KJRI - Christmas Celebration Together 2011 Consulate General of Republic Indonesia

Dear Friends,

Yesterday night I was went with my friends, Gary Wallace and Mercy Wallace to KJRI-Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia (Consulate General of Republic Indonesia) for celebrating Natal Bersama 2011 KJRI (Christmas Celebration Party 2011 Consulate General of Republic Indonesia) placed in 10900 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77042

The days before I was feeling not too good but somehow at yesterday afternoon I felt good enough to attend. The event was starting from 05:00 - 09:00 PM. Almost of the guests are the Indonesian peoples. But they're some foreign from Houston was coming also. This event was organized by Indonesian peoples who stayed and live here.

Dinner's time after Christmas service/ worship time. Very impressive dinner.
The food taste was good also.

I would like to share the pictures and some comments also at that time. The Christmas celebration starting on 05:00 PM. Off course not every peoples was came right time. But I think the event was succeed enough. Many peoples came, met the another friend, talking, singing, and dinner's time. Don't forget about take pictures time. Hehehe. A brief explanation about The Consulate-General of Indonesia, Houston will be find in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consulate-General_of_Indonesia,_Houston

 General-Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Houston. 
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consulate-General_of_Indonesia,_Houston.

My friends, Mercy Wallace and Gary Wallace while entering the Consulate.
A whole view of Consulate building.

The front view when we're coming at Consulate-General of Indonesia.
A close view of Consulate building.

The entrance at the night time around 7:00 PM (I took on the dinner time). 

Consular hours notification in the entrance door. 

Garudayana, a wood statue (I think?) inside after entering the entrance door.

CCTV monitor display in front desk. Special for today, the 'security guys' was those kids. Hehehe.

Let's come inside. We'll see what happened at that time. First all, was the Christmas service/ worhsip. It just one hour. Somehow I felt sleepy. Please don't ask why. Hahaha. 

The view of Christmas service/ worship time inside. 
The light was not good for my digital pocket camera.

After 06:00 PM was the dinner's time. Everybody look so happy and off course that's mean for me, I can take more pictures (as exercise for myself to make a better pictures. Hehe). The dinning area was placed outside the ballroom or the main place for Christmas service/ worship.

The atmosphere inside the Consulate at the dinner's time.

Dinner's time. Everybody look happy. I like this picture.

Another table full of food also. 
They served rice, macaroni pasta, beef, tilapia fish, chicken and vegetables.

My friend, Gary Wallace and Mercy Wallace at dinner's time.

The question maybe how about me when the dinner's time. Honestly I was going around and take pictures before take my dinner. I loved to see the peoples expression when they're talking, make a joke, waiting for foods, or maybe just sitting. I was going outside from the building to see how the Consulate look like. Those are the pictures: 

The cars in the Consulate-General parking area. Many of cars.

Listening the Christmas choir song when another peoples take a dinner.

A bouquet in the middle one of dinner's table. I like this picture. 

Another door to the Consulate building (taken from the outside on the dinner's time). 

Take a rest and take a dinner's food. Another area inside the Consulate building. 

Every body talking. Well maybe meet another old friends here. Hehe. 

A view to the corner. Crowded peoples. Peoples dressed with red color (specially for womens). 

 The situation in another area I guess they're the committee for this event. 
Looks busy but seems happy :-).

And this is my dinner's food. More or less it's good ^^. 

After the dinner's time, me and my friends, Gary and Mercy Wallace was going around and met another friend. I was taking pictures also for that time. Here's some good pictures:

The picture when I was going around. I like the expression. Hehe. 

Mercy and Gary Wallace after dinner's time. A portrait viewed.

Mercy and Gary Wallace after dinner's time. A landscape viewed.

Me beside the bouquet. 

Mercy Wallace and her friends.

Mercy Wallace and her friends. From another viewed.

Well, that's it my friends. We're not following the celebration until finished. Around 08:00 PM I think, we're leaved the Consulate building. That was a good time to meet each other, taste the Indonesian food and made some good pictures. Maybe next year or maybe another we can meet each other and celebrate the Christmas party again together. 

Thanks to read this blog: Natal Bersama 2011 KJRI - Christmas Celebration Together 2011 Consulate General of Republic Indonesia. Happy weekend and have a nice day ^^!

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  1. very nice christmas party. thanks for sharing !
    but i'm still curious......
    why are you sleepy ?