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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Night's Trip in Dubai Dec 2011

Dear Friends,

After a couple days I was coming back from my Phase2 Module1 and Module2 I would like to share some good photos about Night's Trip in Dubai on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 in the middle of my trip back to Indonesia from Houston, TX. Basically this trip was performed by the third party from Millenium Hotel Dubai that has a cooperation with Emirates Airline for passenger that has been delayed in Dubai more than 8 hours.

I was remembered we was arrived on Dubai around the evening time. After passing the Dubai immigration officer and mentioned about our purpose to stay in Millenium Hotel a while and do some administration business we're ready to go to Milenium Hotel. Here's some pictures:

With my friends in the front of Emirates-Millenium service desk.
From left to the right: Iqlima, Angga, Mahathir and me.

Front desk of Emirates-Millenium Hotel.

The inside view of room when I was staying a while in Millenium Hotel Dubai. 

The view of bathroom.

Around dinner's time we've planned to go to look around the Dubai city with a small shuttle bus provided by the third party named Sun Tours inside the hotel. We must paid $30 for every person for 4 hours night's trip looking around the city of Dubai. Here's some good pictures (I must admit some pictures maybe has a low quality pixel because of the poor of light and it was not good because some pictures I was taken when we're moving inside the small shuttle bus from hotel):

A receipt from Sun Tours L.L.C for a night's trip around Dubai for 4 hours. 

A small brochure from Sun Tours that I was found.

Front view of brochure.

The view of Dubai street on the night time.

Our driver in charge. He was explaining the tour and the city. 

Our small shuttle bus. This was taken when we're arrived for 5-10 minutes for each locations.

Dubai is very famous and off course expensive city. Many of building in the center of Dubai are hotels. They have until seven starts rate hotel. Considering what have been in the long time ago and what we're looking it now, it almost unbelievable they can make from desert to be a heaven (in world). In Dubai, water is more expensive than oil (based on what our driver in charge said at that night). I was observed the houses in Dubai was almost not too bright maybe they preferred to save the energy. The street in the city was good and long. And their cars were in very good and nice conditions also. 

The view in street. In the right corner was a prestigious hotel named Burj al-Arab.
The one of very presticious and expensive hotel's here.

Smiling in the front of seven stars rate very famous hotel Burj al-Arab.

How's street in Dubai look like on night time. 

Some tourists sometimes coming here just to take pictures. 

We got permission to come closer and take picture near the Burj al-Arab

Here's the closest distance we can see and get permission to take a picture.

The next stop of our night trip was a place called Atlantis hotel. I was impressed with this building. We just can get permission to take picture from outside (considering the time was short).

The Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeira, Dubai.

 In the front of Atlantis hotel with my passport.

After that we went to another places. Considering limitation in time we just have 5-10 minutes to see and take pictures. Well, more or less it good. 

When going inside the tunnel under the sea. I still don't know how they can make it happened.

In the front of street sign of Dubai city direction.

The water fountain in the front of Burj al-Khalifa.

Another water fountain near Burj al-Khalifa.

What I like is this water fountain has a wave pattern look like.

When the trip is over (4 hours), we're back to Millenium Hotel and ready to take dinner. We must to change the coupon first then we got our dinner. 

 The front view of dinning area of Millenium hotel Dubai.

Me in the front of dinning area reception desk. 

How the inside of Millenium Hotel dinning area look like. Pretty impressive.

And this is my dinner menu. The taste was very good ^^.

Dubai was very good city and I like the night's trip also. Thank you for read this blog: "Night's Trip in Dubai Dec 2011". I was planning to post this before new year 2012 but somehow (coz I was in vacation and almost no good internet connection on there to make and edit this blog) I can post it today. So that's it my friends, Happy New Year 2012 Wish The Best For All of Us :-).


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