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Sunday, December 11, 2011

WesternGeco's Christmas Party - Houston 2011

Dear Friends,

Phase2 Module2 training was on going in half way. For those who are attending in the course we still have one week to finish the presentations and some practicals learning. A couple days ago we have received a good news: a WesternGeco's (Rockin') Holiday party in terms in Christmas celebration. Due to that very rare moment for some of us not from Houston, off course we have a plan to join and come together. The ticket for party was only $5 and the dress code was a smart and business cloth (plus smile-they said smile in this poster ^^.

The invitation poster of WesternGeco's Christmas Party in Houston.

The party was on Friday, 9 Dec 2011 starting from 6:30 - 11:30 PM. We supposed to go there 12 peoples of us. But at that day only 8 peoples of us can came and join together because some of our friends was already another plans. We're coming as group of Mark Lee's Group. Mark Lee is one of our instructor. He is definitely a very smart and nice guy. The WesternGeco's Christmas Party was located in Hotel Sorella City Centre. It's about 10-15 minutes from our hotel. We spend around $10-15 to go there using yellow cab (taxi).

Today's blog maybe doesn't speak too much. But like what my good friend, Souvik Sengupta said, "more or less it's good" I will share about yesterday photos and some you know, my comments and impression at that good time. Yes, today's blog will talk more with pictures than the words itself. Enjoy ^^!

The reception desk. After signed up you must change the ticket with free small tickets to used inside: two tickets for any drink twice, one ticket for take a free picture with nice backgrounds and two tickets for gambling. Off course it's not use a real money :-). 

The picture I was captured when we're inside near the ballroom. From left to right: Souvik Sengupta, Manuel Panzo, Mahathir Yusup, Reim Emam, and Teresa Gaudencia Da Cleme Cueleca.

 A Christmas Tree and crowded peoples.  Later some of my friends was taken picture beside that.

One view of gambling table. They have another round table like this with another games to play.

First think came first we want to take a free picture. We're so excited and inside the place they have put a small photo studio. Just gave them a one ticket for take one single picture. You can chose some backgrounds. Waiting a couple minutes and your pictures was ready. 

We still discuss about what kind of backgrounds we should choose and
who was take the picture first.

A small photo studio inside the hotel.
"Okey, who is the first person?" said the lady who was assisted us for take a picture.

A couple who has take picture together before us. Very good expression.

From left to right: Reim Emam, Cesar Alejandro Gamez, and Mahathir Yusup
The next American Idols 2012. Hehehe.

Looking for the pictures results. Well, I think the result is good ^^.

We've meet and greet with our Senior Training Coordinator, Elaine Gillam
Remembered those old days when you was coming in Houston as the first time. Thanks Elaine :-).

After take a free pictures. We felt so hungry. So we looking for some food for dinner. Lucky us the dinner was already place near the photo studio booth behind the street. Inside the ball room they have another dinner menu also but we'll catch up later.

 This is a dinner that was located outside the ballroom.

 My good friend, Ali Hussain Al-Muallim, when waiting for dinner.

Queue is a very good behavior. First come first serve. 

My good friend, Reim Emam, beside the Christmas tree.

My good friend, Teresa Gaudencia Da Cleme Cueleca, beside the Christmas tree.

Fruits and salads :-).

My good friend, Ali Hussain Al-Muallim, after take fruits.

 My good friend, Mahathir Yusup, after take fruits and salads.

The moment after that was play gambling. Just use a fake money but the gambling and rules was real. Almost all of my friends was enjoying the gambling after take dinner until the party finished. You know, gambling has it's own magnet to catch you up. I have took some pictures of them when they're "mastering" in gambling round table :-). Here's some pictures:

Start gambling with smile, always smile until the end.
And the fate was like in song Que sera sera. Whatever will Be. Will Be. :-).

Everybody pay attention when the game start and the rules was said.

"I hope the fortune comes to me..". I will go home with iPad in my hand. Hehehe. 

Well, after that because almost of my friends was enjoying in gambling table, me and my good friend, Souvik Sengupta was looking around. Take a dinner, food and some good pictures. We took a couple of pictures about the party inside.

A steak corner inside the ballroom.
Some kind of liquor corner located outside the ball room. 

Inside the ball room with full life band performance. 

Another view corner from inside the ball room. 

Talking about gambling, I was took some picture. Here's the good view at that time:

Everybody in the table looks so exciting. Waiting and maybe hoping. Hehehe.

Another type of gambling games. 

A roulette. Which number do you want to choice?

A sneak peak what happen in the table of gambling. 

Well, honestly I didn't understand about this one. But so far I saw peoples enjoy playing.

And surprisingly I met some other friends here. I enjoyed also talked with some guys from my past training. I met my ex-project leader and supervisor also there. Here some good pictures : 

My good friend from Phase2 Module1, Omar and his girlfriend.

Our good instructor, Mark Lee and his wife.

My good friend, Sergio.

My ex-supervisor, Daniel Smith and his fiance. Daniel is a very good and nice guy.

My best friend, Travis Hagler and his fiance, Nicole Ferguson.

My good friend, Hua Feng Liu. He is attending the 3D Training class when I am in Phase2 Module1 and 2.

My good friend, Reim Emam and Souvik Sengupta.

My good friend, Phil and his girlfriend.

And off course I was take some pictures also, beside my job at that night as a temporary-free paid-photographer. Hehehe. Here's some good pictures:

Behind the Christmas tree. I like the photo color. Felt warmer.

 Behind the ballroom door. The room was reserved by WesternGeco.

Inside the ballroom. Pretty much happy crowded.

And when waiting yellow cab (taxi) to take us back to hotel. Very cold outside.

So that's all my friends. We have been in party like maybe like 4 hours more or less. The party was good and finished around 11:30 PM. And we used yellow cab to go back to hotel. Even we didn't get any door prize but so far we felt good and happy. This was our first time came to WesternGeco's Christmas Party in Houston. Well, hope you like it and have a good weekend friends :-).


  1. this is good ! you SURE have talent for photography and writing... wow.. :D
    very nice writing and really nice pictures as well..
    definitely, I'm waiting for your next masterpieces, mr. temporary-free-paid photographer hehehe....

    God bless you

    oh, and by the way, "do you give up (on gambling) ?" (^0^)

  2. @Nainora Ratri: Thank you for the good comments dek. Like what my friend said, it was more or less good :-). But yes, thanks! I receive your good complaint. Yeah. Next time I will take next good moments. Hehehe. Hem I didn't do a gampbling. Too much enjoying taking pictures :P. Hehehe.

  3. jempol 4 buat kak yose. HEBAT :)

  4. Terima kasih dek Tika :-). Semoga sukses y buat kuliah nya.