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Monday, December 3, 2012

The 5th Toyz Mania 2012 Jakarta

Dear Friends,

I would like to share another one toys fair event named "The 5th Toyz Mania 2012". The event was placed in Poins Square FC Floor, Pondok Indah, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta from 1 to 2 December 2012. The event was conducted by Star Synergy Organizer and sponsored by Ninjakita with some media partners such as GameStation, XY Kidz, Kaskus, Oke Zone. And supported by Coca Cola, Multi, Diecast Jakarta, etc.

The official Facebook page event was in https://www.facebook.com/ToyzMania?ref=ts&fref=ts and the ToyzMania Official Website was in http://starsynergy.org/toyzmania/.

The 5th Toyz Mania Poster.
The 5th Toyz Mania Bazaar Standbooth Map.
The 5th Toyz Mania Visitor Venue Map.
The 5th Toyz Mania Cosplay Parade and Fans Meet.
The event highlight was: Toys Fair, Game Web Center, Communities Gathering, Food Bazaar, Cosplay Competition, Cosplay Cabaret Performances, Meet the International Cosplayer, Magic Performance, Dance and many more. The contribution HTM was IDR 15.000. 

To be honest I would say that the event was good but the place was not convenience. First all the Poins Square was a place with known as a crowded and stuck traffic light. Specially in the weekend and the Sunday night. Many friends which are not from South Jakarta said it was difficult to reach the Poins Square and they who bring their own car have difficulties to get into the parking lot inside the mall. Another thing was the booths and price list was good but the ticket and registration system kinda not clear. I just already know there is need to pay to enter the event because as you see before in the first poster they did not put HTM or contribution info something. When I was paying the ticket I got with a number first confirmed as a door prize number from the ticketing guys. But later again another (I believe as senior) committee said it wasn't. The door prize  will be picked up from whoever peoples who vote the Instagram photos couple months ago, put the vote paper in the box and got the prize. Not mention earlier it was all started couple months ago. Just in the H-days the chosen people need to put the vote in the box. Not many people comes in the event know and I believe they were not telling for door prize details by ticketing guys. The last thing to mention was about the the event place itself. The event was in FC (Food Court) Floor. It was the one floor below the 5th floor of Poins Square Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. I was not happy with the place. Peoples can and allow to smoking in the corner and in the edge of the place (Imagine the place like a rectangle look). Off course I was not very happy and I think it was the first toys fair I know people can freely smoked in the event. . .

Okey that's my personal opinion and I believe some others guys and girls will agree with what I say :). But it was a past time. Let's we see the pictures I got around the event. I just came at the first day. And fortunately the booths was good and many seller (specially in Gunpla-Gundam Plastic Models) gave a good rate like x100 for Yen-many limited model also available during the event. Figure and other things was good also. Enjoy the pictures!

The traffic around Poins Square Lebak Bulus South Jakarta.
Ticketing and entry gate.
Ninjakita as the main sponsored event.
The main stage.
SHF Indonesia booth.
SHF Indonesia booth.
With friend at SHF Indonesia booth.

SIC Indonesia booth.
Nando at GGI (Gundam Gen Indo) booth.
GGI (Gundam Gen Indonesia) booth.
Zaku diorama and Gundam Cup.
Whitebase Toko booth and with owner Robby Umbara.
Gundam Gading and Hongli Gading crew at booth.
Anyone interested? Bootleg display at Hongli Gading booth.
Gundam Bandai Hobby Shop booth.
Meet the international cosplayers session.
Girl singing session.
Patlabor diorama.
Mr. Edmund Theo gave an explanation.
Gundam x Ashley Wood by threeA & Bandai.
Not a big deal but happy enough :).
There's all the pictures I have, friends. I really do hope the next event will be better and off course get more visitors :). Hope you enjoy and thanks for visit and read "The 5th Toyz Mania 2012 Jakarta". See you in the next blog and have a nice day :).

Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear Friends,

I am so happy to share this month blog because I got a chance to attend a special event for all you known as a GBWC (Gunpla Builders World Cup) 2012 Indonesia. So much excited and effort so I need couple minutes to rest first and thinking about what I should write down here. Hehe. This year GBWC also held in Indonesia with helps from official Bandai seller: Kidz Station. The event was located in LG Atrium Gandaria City Jakarta from November 5-11, 2012. I was coming at the last day and the full day was full of surprising. Starting from my boarding house (rent room) at 11 AM then just finishing from the event/location at 6 PM. I am sure not everyone of us has a chance to come and meet Mr. Katsumi Kawaguchi-sensei (as Gundam Bandai Japan representative and a Gunpla master also) and got pictures together or his autograph so I want to share this happy moments with those pictures and story in this blog :).

Talking about GBWC as Gunpla Builders World Cup 2012 is not fair if only share about pictures and euphoria. First at all I would share an important technical information about GBWC itself. What and How questions about the event:

What is the Gunpla Builders World Cup?
Gunpla Builders World Cup is a yearly contest held amongst modelers using Bandai kits. The event is officially sanctioned and managed by BANDAI to give modelers the opportunity to encourage new upcoming modellers to show their works to the world.

The skills and techniques demonstrated in extensively modifying and beautifully painting these kits truly make the Gunpla Builders World Cup a premiere modeling event. Until now, the Gunpla Builders World Cup had been series of preliminary contests held across Asia, with the finals this year being held in Japan in December. The Gunpla Builders World Cup has a distinguished history as a showcase for some of the most amazing models ever displayed.

How is the Gunpla Builders World Cup 2012 Indonesia?
In this GBWC 2012 Indonesia Kidz Station as an official seller and as a part with PT. Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk (MAP) announce the event then include the final judgment also for the winners for Open, Junior and Best Category. The event started from 5th to 11th November 2012 and the last day is very important day. Because they have displayed the new and first appearance mokit such as RG Zeta, get tips from Mr. Kawaguchi himself, displayed the GBWC entries from Indonesia, get special buy and discount from Kidz Station, try out fixing model kits in the gundam workshop, and SD Gundam Online megaxus activity and competition on SDGO stand in the event.

Ok so that's a brief introduction before we enjoy some pictures while in the event today, 11th November 2012. Let's see the whole fun actifities include meet and greet with Mr. Kawaguchi-sensei :). Got a plenty pictures here so please enjoy, friends :).

So that's all about the pictures and review have been taken for GBWC 2012 Indonesia so far. Congratulation for all winners and all of us. It was nice moment met other who has the same hobby and interest. Also very happy some of our friends can met Mr. Kawaguchi-sensei as personal and talk to him directly. He is a nice and honest man. Indoneshia ni kitekurete arigato, Kawaguchi-sensei. Sayonara to no saikai o nozomu. Mr. Kawaguchi-sensei thanks for coming to Indonesia. Have a good and safety trip and may we can meet again.

And finally thank you also for all of you who read this blog. May you enjoy the pictures and see you on the next time. Have a nice day :).