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Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Dear Friends,

Last week I got email from one of my official group page in the office on the morning and then it make me an idea to write this topics: Home Sweet Home! We live in different countries, area, culture and many more background around the world. "Home" is something different for each of us. What makes home special for you and for me?

And this is the idea I would like to share, write a blog that "shows" to all of us our home, whether it is the place that you sleep, the city that you live in, or the Earth itself. Tell to all of us in words and with pictures what makes it unique.

For me, I am living in such as a crowded and bussy capital city of Indonesia, named Jakarta. Not too much I can said you can easily find the information about this city by googling it in the internet but what I want to share about this Home Sweet Home! Is the words and the pictures I am living and working with in here since three years ago.

Maybe not too much pictures and maybe not too sweet story also. You can find another face of Jakarta (hopefully) that is not (maybe) published in in the internet such as a local food seller and a small long way in the crowded local houses. Hehehe.

I just want to share to you guys this topic and for some people's who are remembering this month known as a Valentine's month (either you like it or not, celebrated it or not), I would like personally share my love about the photography itself and the city I am working and living with (I took all those the special pictures below using my own cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570). Enjoy!

A view inside the Ambassador Mall Jakarta.
A view from MRCC Hospital Jakarta.
A view inside the Careefour Fatmawati Jakarta near Ramadhan last year
The Koeningan 1 street Jakarta at the weekend days
A traditional Soto Lamongan at Koeningan 1 Jakarta
A Sukabumi's chicken porridge at Koeningan 1 Jakarta
A local Lontong Sayur and some Indonesian snack near Koeningan 1 Jakarta
A traditional Nasi Uduk near Koeningan 1 Jakarta
A view near Koeningan 2 Jakarta in the afternoon
My previous rent house near Koeningan 1 Jakarta
A small way to go to my previous rent house near Koeningan 1 Jakarta

 A green and live park in the front of my uncle home Jakarta
A small park in the front of Sentra Mulia building Jakarta
Another side of Sentra Mulia building small park Jakarta
A cashier table from Mandala restaurant, an indo oriental restaurant in Jakarta
A booth from Gundam Bandai Hobby Shop at HelloFest 8 at Balai Kartini Jakarta 4 Feb 2012
Inside the lobby of Sentra Mulia building Jakarta
Inside the Ambassador Mall Jakarta
A bright sky above and a dark wall house's below near Koeningan 2 Jakarta
A Soedirman street in the morning time Jakarta
A Koeningan 2 way on the night time Jakarta
A view from Sentra Mulia building at the afternoon time Jakarta
A H.R. Rasuna Said way on the weekend time
A small cafe for breakfast and lunch named Toraya cafe inside the Sentra Mulia building Jakarta
A view from 3rd floor my new boarding house
A view around near Lingkar Mega Kuningan Jakarta
View inside Mandala restaurant, an indo oriental restaurant in Jakarta
The Million Dollar Japanese restaurant on Pasar Festival Jakarta
Inside the White Base Toko at Mangga Dua Square Jakarta
And that's all my friends. I selected and put some good qualities photos. Home sweet home for me means Jakarta itself. It has a good side and the not good side also. Like you was seeing the traffic, the pollution, the individualism, the high cost for living, and other else. But yes Jakarta still has the good side also at least I am still living, working and dreaming here. Hehehe ^^.

Hope you are enjoy and come to Jakarta if you have chance ^^. Thank you for visit and read this blog, "Home Sweet Home!" Have a good day :)!


  1. nice place ! i like the bakso ! haha

    1. Thank you for visit Bro/ Sist :). I like Bakso also :). Hehehe.

  2. i wanna try the nasi uduk bro :) any good?

    1. Hi Bro! Hem I think around the Koeningan street has the some good nasi uduk :). It will depends what kind of nasi uduk you like if you are really like to the local or to the place that has a femous name? For me, I would like to buy from locals. It's cheaper but delicious enough. And one good thing is we can interactive speaking with the peoples themself while buying :).

  3. become this story life of jakarta ^^
    betawi soto and of Laksa there no
    ehmm deliciouse

    1. @Melvina well I must honestly said this is NOT ALL the story life of Jakarta. hehehe. but yess more or less :D. unfortunately the Betawi Soto and Laksa somehow are not available around my boarding house, pin. and for me I am not like about those two kinds of food. I ever ate but not like too much. hehehe. well, nasi Jamblang should be better than Laksa not or Betawi Soto, I guess ;)? Anyway,good luck for your skripsi (undergraduated thesis) today! may God bless you ^^!