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Monday, February 27, 2012

Yogyakarta - No Need to Say Goodbye

Dear Friends,

I was been waiting for written this blog. After a couple topics I was posting about Gundams today I would like to share the another story and the pictures from where I was going back to Yogyakarta to meet my girlfriend R.r. Ratri Hapsari on last weekend, 25th-26th February 2012.

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It was a short days on Yogyakarta but I have been captured some good pictures and meet some friends also (unfortunely I didn't take pictures with those good and nice guys from PapToys Yogyakarta. Sorry guys).

Honestly last or two weeks ago I found a book in Citra Land mall, Jakarta, about Kotagede, Yogyakarta, written with English by an Indonesian guy. Not sure here is the link or not but the title pretty sure is right (Kotagede: Life Between Walls): http://books.google.co.id/books?id=1VRaVTxNBD0C&printsec=frontcover&dq=inauthor:%22Revianto+Budi+Santosa%22&hl=id&sa=X&ei=gitLT6r4FNOChQfG_dGNDg&ved=0CDIQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=inauthor%3A%22Revianto%20Budi%20Santosa%22&f=false. It was a good book published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama on 2009. Maybe I will buy this weekend if I have chance and time to go to the Citra Land mall again.

And then here some good pictures:

A Lion air plane that has been carried me go back to the Yogyakarta.
A Welcome Gate of Basen's Tourism Village view.
A traditional chicken satay only for IDR 5,000 as my breakfast in the morning.

 A view of Kotagede's street: Jl. Kemasan in the morning time.
A small street near my gf place: an example of life between walls.
A view of Kotagede's traditional market in the morning.
Which one menu's do you like for the breakfast?
The seller and buyers inside the traditional market of Kotagede, Yogyakarta.

A view of Kotagede's traditional market, Yogyakarta on the outside. 
A view from Kotagede's traditional market street.
Inside view of Trans Jogja on the weekend time.  
A foodcourt area of Ambarukkmo Plaza, Yogyakarta.
Ratri and me lunch w/ Teppanyaki menu on Ambarukkmo Plaza, Yogyakarta.
Ratri when received her sweet gift: a limited Pink Bear Guy model kit.
Ratri when she was gladly enjoy to looking the manual book of Limited Pink Bear Guy.

The another sweet gift for Ratri: a couple of limited and rare Pierre Balmain Swiss watches.
Ratri's special project: limited Pink Bear Guy almost done.

The finished project of the limited Pink Bear Guy "one leg" dancing pose :). 
And that's all my friends. I have put the pictures. And specially for you who are interesting about how the limited Pink Bear Guy look like after finish assembled you can visit this Ratri's link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1897785140151.53852.1707321915&type=1. And then you will find a very sweet and cool pictures also with some interesting pose of the Pink Bear Guy model kit.

Ok thank you for visit this blog "Yogyakarta - No Need to Say Goodbye" and hope you are enjoying the story and pictures. See you soon on next topics and have a nice Monday :)!


  1. .....T__T..very touching.. "No Need to Say Goodye". nice article as usual, nice pictures also. i love it !

    1. Thank you for the comment dek Ratri. I just try to do my best :). And I was glad can visit and meet you and your mother again that time ^^. Gbu.

  2. nice pic, inspire me to make like this too. thank Yos, keep doing it. Oks, Gb

    1. Thank you for the support Pak David :). Gbu2.