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Friday, August 31, 2012

August Thought

Dear Friends,

Honestly it was a long time enough from my last blog in February 27, 2012 then I started write it back this morning. Sure it has a many things happened between five months. And I got some difficulties to write down again for this blog.

Back to the original first post from this blog. I would like to make this as a tool to spread a build of spirit. The spirit about life, joy and make an impact and solid as brick. I believe words has power to do that. That's the reason I put my thought in blog. And with the same reason also I have - I didn't mind to tell - that I have a barrier or maybe say it a block before I write in here.

I can't put something easily for kind of thought. So previous posting in this blog actually I made and finished within several hours. Sounds too much right? Yeah but that's what I did and I was doing right now. Writing is a good hobby and interest but how to speak them in a paper - now I did as in blog - is very different things. Consider about the technical things to set and order in the internet domain, we need to make sure our thought was delivered to them who read our blog. Maybe not interesting, right? But I think that's important. Like a brick that has a foundation I was trying to put some 'touching' and make it like readers see the same world as I was.

Then writing sometimes is not funny also for me. I called it funny coz I believe everything that make fun and happy in good ways make us better and off course gave the good sight for this short life. But I tried to make it fun back again when I wrote down this blog :).

At the first time I was decided that for this blog maybe I made not too many photos and just write down the thing in my mind. After that I was realized too much words also made people feel bored, right? I know it also "a picture speak a thousand words". Somehow it's true. Hehe.

So, I want to share some pictures when I was in vacation in Jogjakarta, 13-22 August 2012. No doubt it was a longest vacation ever I have since I was working in Jakarta three to four years ago. Back to that city made me feel good and comfortable. However the temperature was down a bit when coming at afternoon to the early morning time than Jakarta which known as a hot city always everyday. The others thing was because it was in the Eid-ul-Fitr local time in Indonesia (19-20 August 2012) I have a chance too see how the Jogjakarta look like. And also I enjoyed some activities like cooking and gardening with my girlfriend, R.R. Ratri Hapsari and also build gundams together. Okey here comes some pictures:

Ratri with her flower bouquet on 13 August 2012 evening. Brought special for her only :).
A traditional market view of Kotagede in the morning 14 August 2012. Always love this picture :).
Roses and jasmines for a new hobby: gardening on evening 14 August 2012 :). Gardening is fun also. Hehehe.
Ratri was enjoying the red velvet and rainbow cake in Ambarrukmo Plaza 15 August 2012. Wishes granted and completed after two months not met each others. Hehehe :).
Dinner menu Mixed Tomyam Baso Special on 19 August 2012. Handmade by chef Ratri :). We put several kind of meatball in here then put a bit of 'spicy' ingredients.
HG 1/144 BearGguy GPB and MG 1/100 Hi Nu Evo GoGo gundam plastic model kits 22 August 2012.
It's good to assemble together :).
Work in progress MG 1/100 Hi Nu Evo GoGo gundam plastic model kit on 22 August 2012. The panel line looks cool but need an extra works to made it look like that :). But it's fun also.
I always love this pict: the ultimate chicken soup (sop ayam super spesial :) by Chef Ratri. A special lunch for 22 August 2012. Guess this is the best chicken soup ever I tasted after the one my mom made :).  *two thumbs for Ratri*
A view inside the Adisucipto International Airport Jogjakarta 22 August 2012 evening. Bring back to Jakarta again. Very crowded considering it was entering the 'arus balik' after Eid-ul-Fitr local time.

And that was the pictures when I was in Jogjakarta. Thanks to R.R. Ratri Hapsari who always cherish me always in there and made special cooking even she has her own activities. Thanks to my friend bro Sentanu Eddy who always love blogging and give a good encouragement to me to always writing in this blog. And to my friend Sheryl Liaw who always be honest and keep in touch and be a friend even I'm now not working at the same company anymore. May God bless you all :).

Finally, I hope it is not to late to say this: "Happy Ied-ul-Fitr. Minal Aidin wal Faidzin. Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin. Please forgive my faults and let's start everything as new as good alwasys" to all of my friends and who those read this blog :). See you next post and have a nice day :). PS: I'd love to started my new activities in couple days: watching anime's and reading Sherlock Holmes novels. Well, assembly gundam model kits as always too. Hehehe :).