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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Battle of The Toys 2012

Dear Friends,

I was quite exciting when I was writing this new entry for this month blog: Battle of The Toys. It was a big toys fair in Jakarta for 14th-15th September 2012. It was placed in The Hall - Senayan City Mall 8th Floor. The event was promoted by Sacca Production and have couple social network address to find out: on Facebook (jaktoyscomfair), on Twitter @jaktoysfair and email on jakartatoysfair@yahoo.com. To find what happen in two days (run down event) you can check in link here (Public Event page): https://www.facebook.com/events/133931603415990/.

The fee to enter this event only IDR 10.000 then got a free access to all whole hall and stage for one day (they have one big hall but looks like separated into two: left hall (with main stage) and right hall (which is directly to the registration table and entry gate). In the back area of the hall was a free display room. The participants can enter from back door also which is come with two elevator go down to 6th and 5th floor directly. In the front entry gate is used by lift access only from 5th Floor. Quite interesting, right? I mean the committee somehow designed this event held on Friday and Saturday only from 10 AM to 9 PM. And the entry ways was quite interested. Not like the usual fair event which was have one big enter/exit door only. This mean try to attract us to reach as far as we can to see whole ways and toys fair area. For two days I got plenty good pictures using my digital camera and my mobile cellphone. The digital camera dominated almost all pictures because it have good resolution and for the rest I used my mobile cellphone only to post something directly to internet such as Facebook.

So I will share those pictures within Battle of The Toys 2012 event. Pictures will shared into three parts. First part when I was taking picture in the right hall, second part when I was in the left hall, and the third part when I was outside the main hall. Here comes the pictures:

1. The Right Hall (which is directly to the registration table and entry gate). Identified booth: Smarty Hands.com, Peri (Paper Replika Indonesia), Indo Tamashi, etc.

2. The Left Hall (with main stage. I got couple rare Gundam in this left hall ). Identified booth: Hot Toys, Good Smile Company, Extionz, J-Shop, Michael Hobby Shop, WhiteBase, Gundam Generation Indonesia, TF-Indonesia, etc.


3. Outside The Hall (going for day 1 and day 2 lunch, got my FW Gundam Converge Zaku II Char's Origin Limited, brought regular FW Gundam Converge's on Kidz Station and meet friends and important guy in DKI Jakarta on the Food Court 5th Floor area ^^).

That's all friend. After saw all those pictures I would like to say Battle of The Toys 2012 was an awesome event. Some friends in Facebook said they got plenty cool model kits and figures also. And for one information, with this event it made clear for us that toys is not only for children but for younger and adults also. People who love with this toys maybe still in the school, in the college, work and other has already married-and got children also. Can you imagine how many they were on there event? Absolutely the toys industry was awesome also. And for some of you maybe heard also about plastic model kits or for us we usually say Gunpla-Gundam Plastik Model Kits, it's not a toys. Yes the event here named as Toys. But the true means of Gundam model is described in one web as:  

"Gundam Models refers to plastic and non-plastic model kits depicting the mechas, vehicles and characters of the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam universe by Bandai. These kits have become popular among anime fans and model enthusiasts, especially in Japan and in other nearby Asian countries since the 1980s. The popularity of Gundam models increased in the 1990s with North America and Europe being exposed to Gundam through television, video and manga. These Gundam Models are also called Gunpla (ガンプラ Ganpura?), a portmanteau of "Gundam plastic model". "Gunpla" more commonly refers to the practice of building Gundam models, rather than the models themselves." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gundam_model)

In Indonesia common people only know one word for all toys. Toys can be everything. But Gunpla and other model kits is different. They are more than toys for us. Because we must assembling, snap-fitting, sometimes we add decals and or stickers, we add some coloring and other who has advance skill they were going to challenge in the Gunpla Builders World Cup (GBWC) event. That's means we must using our brain, our hands, our time and off course our money to make one model complete-not only buy and you got a finish toys. Gunpla and Gundam are far beyond for a things named just toys. And definitely this thing is not for toying for children because they have hard and sharp edge plastics. Sometimes we need an extra tools to make it better and easier to build. But it not difficult to build or assemble a model kit. It has a manual book inside and definitely fun activities. When you finish make a model kit by your hands and you will feel proud, satisfied and see your work and say, "It's cool! Finally I can make and finish this!" Maybe not with loudly but inside your heart it must be a voice that say, you are good and you have done a good job :). So, why not trying to buy and build your own Gundam or other plastic model kits? We have a couple of Gunpla communities and we have a lot of friends that always looking for good. No matter what is your model kit brands neither you are a modeller or collector not or you are just snap-fit and finish or you make a customized model kits using different color or different  parts. And one world: this hobby is world-wide. You can find new friends, new stories and off course new challenge :).

That's my all stories and pictures for today: Battle of The Toys 2012. Thank you very much to read and visit this blog. Hope you has find some interest thing. Have a nice day and see you on the next blog :)!


  1. jadi yg pake baju merah zaku itu kamu?
    hehehe.. baju yang mantap..

    zieg zeon

    1. Ya bro. Hehe. Makasih dan salam kenal :). Itu kaos Zaku II Char's produced by bro Ferry Tanu Putra (FB ny dengan nama yg sama). Zieg Zeon. PS: Btw sy juga suka kq karakter2 gundam gk cuman mono-eye ^^.

  2. Replies
    1. Let's spread Gunpla love ♥♥♥!

  3. what a great posting you have there brow yose, i hope i can be there T_T

    1. Thank you bro Muhammad Eka Saputra. It's okay bro. Next time there must be another event ^^.

    2. yeah i hope next time i can be there brow,,, im not from jakarta but jokowi and adhoc my favorit nice photo with adhoc brow i hope jakarta chose jokowi and adhoc gooooooo