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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Octoberfest La Vie En Rose

Dear Friends,

This month I would like to share my vacation journey and activities in Jogjakarta (October 17-30, 2012). I used my pocket camera and mobile phone camera. It has been several times after I went back to Jogja to visit my girlfriend R.R. Ratri Hapsari but not every trip I posted as in this blog.

The view of Basen street Kotagede city Jogjakarta during the afternoon (left) and morning time (right).
 At the first time when I saw the pictures I was thinking just post some photos with just some specific titles and activities but after that I think is better to share in the journey style pictures. Please enjoy the story and the pictures :

1. From 17th to 24th October 2012. The outdoor and indoor activities :). 
Several pictures from the day came to Jogjakarta until the day before went to Gembira Loka Zoo. I made it separately because every pictures was too good and has the own stories also. Enjoy :).

17th October 2012. From Jakarta to Jogja with Lion Air.
18th October 2012. Preparing display for gundam model kits. It has took one week work to complete :).
20th October 2012. The view of Kopitiam 51 (Jl. Veteran 51 Jogjakarta) before lunch. It was rainy time.
20th October 2012. Accompany Ratri went to doctor at K-24. She got varingitis (radang tenggorokan) at that time.
21th October 2012. Preparation for Lomba Makan Kerupuk Anak-Anak at GKJ Kotagede.
21th October 2012. My best photo for expression on Lomba Makan Kerupuk Anak-Anak :).
23th October 2012. MG Sinanju Titanium Finish just taken after preparing the 1st floor display.
23th October 2012. HG rx-78-2 7-11 Ver. I took this picture use the mobile phone camera.
23th October 2012. Warm and nice weather in the afternoon time :).
23th October 2012. One of my favorite pict. Ratri with her flowers and the gundam boxarts as background :). 
24th October 2012. Bull's eye and scramble eggs with soya sauce a delicious breakfast made by Ratri :).
24th October 2012. The final display and the gundams inside. Clean and preparation work finish after one week. Thanks to Ratri and bu Woro for the effort too ^^.

2. The 25th October 2012. All fun activities in Gembira Loka Zoo :).
This day we went outside to the zoo in the Jogjakarta named Gembira Loka. The entrance ticket fee is IDR 15.000 and has several Free Wi-Fi points around the zoo area. The official news can be found in: http://gembiralokazoo.com/. You can easily found the information and pictures about the zoo in their web - the official site has two language Bahasa and English. Here some pictures. Enjoy :).

25th October 2012. Morning time in Basen street before go to Gembira Loka Zoo.
25th October 2012. Take a picture before entering the entire zoo.
25th October 2012. Ratri with main way entrance background.
25th October 2012. A view main street inside the zoo.
25th October 2012. The trees and all green around.
25th October 2012. The view of Mayang Tirta restaurant in the center (big boat shape) and two Perahu Katamaran around.
25th October 2012. Ratri in Kolam Sentuh.
25th October 2012. The view of Kura-Kura Aldabra Park.

25th October 2012. Kura-Kura Aldabra.
25th October 2012. Harimau Putih.
25th October 2012. Buaya.
25th October 2012. Landak.
25th October 2012. Komodo.
25th October 2012. A street view inside the zoo.
25th October 2012. Other street view inside the zoo.
25th October 2012. A "lonely" small street to go through the Snake Zone.

25th October 2012. In the front of Amphibians Park gate.
25th October 2012. Lovely smile :).
25th October 2012. Ratri on the stairs to Mayang Tirta restaurant.
25th October 2012. Ratri in another position.
25th October 2012. Lunch at Mayang Tirta 2nd Floor.
25th October 2012. After lunch. Where should we going :)?
25th October 2012. Ratri on Perahu Katamaran with Multi Stop bracelet sign.
25th October 2012. Me on Taring (Transpor Keliling) car with Multi Setop bracalet sign.
25th October 2012. Gajah Tunggang. Ride an elephant. The cost was IDR 10.000 for one ride for each person.
25th October. Unta Tunggang. Ride a camel with cost IDR 10.000 also for one ride one person.
25th October 2012. Perahu Kayuh. The cost was IDR 15.000 for one ride one boat.

3. From 26th to 30th October 2012. The activities around home  :).
For the couple days after went from Gembira Loka Zoo and spend a lot time (3 hours more) and energy the rest days before I went back to Jakarta was the activities around home. Enjoy :).

26th October 2012. A Tumis Kerang Spesial made by Ratri. So yummy :).
26th October 2012. Work in progress HGUC Sazabi Metallic Coating Ver.
27th October 2012. With Quata T-shirt designed by bro Chessanova from Otakiri at Mall Malioboro.
27th October 2012. Enjoy the ice cream at Artemy :).

27th October 2012. Artemy Malioboro - Italian Gelato-.

27th October 2012. SD Epyon Silver Castle and SD Hi Nu Gundoom MC Model from Otaku Hobbyshop.

28th October 2012. Ratri and the Basen street in the morning :).
30th October 2012. A set of saki at Kawaii Sushi.

30th October 2012. A delicious sushi at Kawaii Sushi.
30th October 2012.  Lunch together at Kawaii Sushi with Saki. 
30th October 2012. The white pink rose after the rain fall.
30th October 2012. A white rose after the rain fall.

And that's all my friends the pictures from "Octoberfest La Vie En Rose". I put the title because I like the meaning of celebration and rose. Those two words means good and sweet. Thanks for read the blog and see you on next blog and have a nice day :)!


  1. Niceee!
    Beautiful blog. Share more.
    (Teteup yah Gundamnya dipamer. Kkkk..)

    1. @Jane: Thanks Jane. Much appreciated :).

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