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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April The Unfinished Written

Dear Friends,

It was more than one year I was posting about August Thought http://suitincase.blogspot.com/2012/08/august-thought.html. The one that related topic with the month and activities. Basically it was a journey note and pictures when I was back in vacation to Jogjakarta, 13-22 August 2012. Missed the moments back there ♥.

Sure things has passing a lot since last year. Specially when I was resigned from Schlumberger http://www.slb.com/, since last July 5, 2012.

This time was early morning in Indonesian local time. I can't sleep even last night I was slept late and yesterday was full day going to a local Job Fair April 2, 2013 at Istora Senayan Jakarta since 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Main Stage of Job Fair April 2, 2013 at Istora Senayan Jakarta on lunch time.

The All Overview of Booth Stands of Job Fair April 2, 2013 at Istora Senayan Jakarta on lunch time.

I would like to write something from my mind. Something that I called April The Unfinished Written.  The main reason because of almost like whole the unfinished 'pixel' pictures of mind was just coming through and I just don't know how to sorted and put as order in this time posting. The Unfinished because the part and plan are not just ending yet. It just the beginning. Then The Written because what I thought at the first time it could be another new opportunity and basically it could be sorta a new life maybe.

And this time it could come with not very comfortable topic actually. And I was so hard re-thinking how I can put those smoothly.. But let we see and let it be ^^..


April The Unfinished Written

It's not only talking about new opportunity job. The Unfinished Written is look like a open blank pages of book. It could be something new to write. It could be waiting for what will be happen.

Then how to finish it? Can it be finished by the end of this April? Honestly I don't know and I prefer to let it be like that title.

My writing styles from couple of friends told me like a journalist. Sequential, order, and timeline. So I was always put the pictures, news and idea base on the big points one by one. Then when come the time to share the idea it may be a bit messy and not in order at the first time. I hope not too much this time. Hehe.

Since March I was thinking and re-planning almost everything. Include the fact I may be going to back to my home in Cikampek, Karawang - a small city with 2 hours bus driving from Jakarta normally. 

When I was post my pictures about the Job Fair April, 2 2013 looks like, one of my friend asked me "is there any better than slumberger???" at that Job Fair place I believe his question means. I was just looking at this comment and suddenly I was thinking kinda contemplation mind, I know I was going to that Job Fair place off course maybe I could not find any better companies than Schlumberger. As fact I worked for the "Blue Company" for 3 years and 5 months. I just realized I was coming not to find companies as big as strong and as very good salary and benefits as Schlumberger. I do realized that things before I took my first steps going from my rent house/room. "Salary IS NOT the only thing I am looking for at that place." I said to his question. 

I am not too idealistic guy type. I am more like realistic person for those who known me since Junior High School, or in the college maybe will see me different now. Well people changed as well as with the time goes on. Become better or the opposite one.

Many things sure has come and goes on. Time, money and even friends also. At the very limit of yours condition you maybe understand who are the true peoples and family. Before that everybody looks the same-good and nice as well around us. But to find a true friends and family was never easy all the time. That's why above all the you-know-smile-and-pretend-to-be-smile friends. You will find indeed in a good time. Time that maybe you loss something. But also you will gained something. I hope so. 

So where this is talking about? Maybe some friends asking when come to this paragraph and minds. Does all the good peoples looks bad at the end? Does we still have faith to God above all the circumstances? Or does God really do have plans for us even in this messy & un-certain things around? 

Well don't ask me. I am still do learning and be living for that. But I like to hear some stories. It could be from the friend who talking in the Facebook status, family that call me couple times, visit new place, attended to the Job Fair, shared the idea or just reading someone blog. It could be interesting. 

I believe in this world such the instant answer is never really exist without any payment 'worthy' needs. So if we need the answer or the solution whatever our condition are then we need do must paid the patient price and sometime the sacrifice and suffering also.. 

So I believe the answer and way will be coming through. Maybe not in fast time. But sure it is. Why we're talking like this? Because is very simple. I saw A LOT of people around the Job Fair. They NEED a job. Doesn't always means they don't have a job actually. They probably need something better for their next job. So every body once again has their own problems. And maybe can not be solved by the quick time as well as when we go to K*C and couple minutes.. wholaaa! We got a fresh hot original/spicy chicken and rice (in Indonesia particularly) for sure. But sure sooner or later they all (hopefully) got the jobs they want. So the problems also will sooner or later can be solved. 

"Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry. It can't last forever either."

Do you have a faith? Do you have a hope? Do you have something so important in this life? No need to talk about religion, what or have or not. As human being we know the good and the bad things. The option are which one we will choose and walking into? Couple of us already got the better social life and money. Other still struggling and fighting even just for one meal once or twice or third times per day. Couple of us already gave their life doing voluntary work in the public service, religion communities, etc. Without maybe not thinking too much about how much they can be paid? Other have busy to do and thinking how their life can be more archived, more success, more money, more woman, and more and more. Couple of us do the good things. Keep their track life is try never to harm peoples-at least what they thinking so far. Other maybe do kind of legal-dirty job for the reason for life. For the own need. For the family and for other more reasons. 

And in this so growing country like Indonesia we still don't have and maybe won't have enough talk in public room to speak about faith, morality and the goodness thing even a name we call almost everyday and every week name.. God. Sure for the peoples that has claimed their own faith still saying about god. 

But is god really there when they talked? Is really god we say when our friends got hurt, abandon from his/her family, got kicked from the jobs without any reason clear explanation, when our surrounding and environment going so well to be more polluted ? Where we ARE??

*The last question is still being a full open question to all of us.. 

No need god to answer those question. We can do something but almost and always we did not do something. We just have our comfortable place. No need lah going out there. No need to talk and solve the other problems that you can not solve. Just concentrate what we are doing now..

The April The Unfinished Written is still become unfinished and not well written yet.. 

Please take couple minutes to re-thinking about this..

Is the question looks not answer yet? Yes. Honestly I made and write those as far to make all of us to write to finish the page by ourself.. To finish the things that we supposed to do and being more human. And care to the others..

*Don't lose your HOPE. Let we will once again become someone who cares like our past time. Because what all we have it's only done by GRACE. 

I recommend to play this video after finish reading this blog: II DIVO: Amazing Grace :).

For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazing_Grace and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_Divo. Another great version of Amazing Grace I found here: http://gloria.tv/?media=284137.

Thank you for coming and reading this posting April The Unfinished Written. Have nice days, friends. See you on the next posting :).


  1. I hope you will find what you're looking for, just don't give up,bro :)

    Life is short, you got to go after what you want

    1. Thanks for coming and gave the comment bro Tri. As one of friend said, "May luck be upon us" bro :).

  2. Sedikit lagi Bro... Bertahanlah...^^

    1. Thank you dek Mariske. You too ya. God bless :).