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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Remember When

Dear Friends,

Two months was passing away since my last posting in April. I got a new job and began to move to the new place for living and working.

From now I am almost two months in the new world named sales and medical devices. There was a time when doubt came and I know who the real friends are. I learned lots of thing along the way.

And this morning I was unable to sleep soon since last night even I know my body was tired. I began search some music in Youtube and for some reason I found the interesting  videos there about one animated movie named UP.

I would like to posting here three of them which I think is interesting and have some memories to remember as the title for this posting is "Remember When".

Is always a time when we're stopping a while and be thankful for what we're done right now. Then we begin to stepping forward.

UP (2009)- The Love Story 

Remember when - Carl and Ellie (UP) 

I Wanna Grow Old With You - UP movie

I am glad can share those videos to you. The last videos is my hope. If I didn't mistake I remember the first time heard this song was so many years ago when I was in Senior High School. The music was sang by Westlife at that time.

Chibi MS-Girls Gundam K-On ! : Hatsukoi KISS. Custom build by R.r. Ratri Hapsari.
Source: http://www.gunjap.net/site/?p=137694.

The picture above was made by my girlfriend. I like it much. You can see the full pictures at the source above. Thank you for visit this blog and hope you have wonderful days :).