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Saturday, May 28, 2016

About Hobbies

Everyone has their own hobbies. Either shopping, reading, writing, bicycling, cooking, drawing, traveling, bird watching, selfie-ing, or any other good activities. The other have more unique and need more passions such as arts and craft, calligraphy, ballet, flower arrangements, puzzles, fishing, running, playing music, martial arts, collecting stamps or old coins, and the new one, generally still an uncontroversial hobby mentioned in wikipedia and within the society, usually we call it as plamo - plastic modelling. Which has a lot ranges of subjects, construction and techniques, scales, variations, and prices off course. Because of this reasons, many adult and educated peoples in developed and developing countries began to think this hobbies are not the toys anymore.

Whatever our hobbies, there are a lot of undeniable benefits that has proven right and have very good effects from doing our hobbies. For the examples, hobbies help us to manage stress and give joy, help us to refocus on work, help us to bond with others, and improve our health and immunity. In fact, I believe hobbies help us become to be more humane everyday.

But when hobbies filled with too much competitions and dramas, the community start to hard arguing about which one the best of us, and have no joy anymore, I think that's the time we should take time and rethinking about our hobbies for our own good sake in the future. And I think there are no words such as retired or quit from hobbies as long as we keep loving with what we have done before. I was no longer bicycling since last 2007 due to the graduation and working reasons. But from the early 2014 until now I am enjoy doing it almost everyday.

So, follow your good heart and conscience, and enjoy your hobbies. Happy Saturday and have a nice weekend friends.

PS: I am pretty sure that sleeping is not categorized as hobbies after all. But some people have consider that working could become one of the new hobbies nowadays :).

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