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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blessing in Disguised

What is your Christmas present this year? I pry and hope it will be a great gift you wanted ever.

But 2,500 years ago, I didn't think the baby of Christ got all those luxurious things in his hands. Instead, he got some dumped place, a manger in a sheepfold.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't He had all the right to got better birthday present? He could chose the more prestigious place to born, like in the great castle, or anything else that just represented for very very special person ever born in this world.

And yet, He chose to born and living just like the other, far more than just normal people in fact. Not just a son of a carpenter in Nazareth, a small village in Galilee, the Northern District of Israel sometime just before 4 BC, but he became a carpenter himself.

Well, please stop arguing about the true facts and how's he lived at that time, but I just start questioning, why for most of all the Christians and probably for all the people around the world who enjoyed the Christmas traditions, always wanted something precious, something sweet, something bright like the star in the peak of Christmas tree, for their present for their own?

How if, once again if, the Christmas present actually something not so bright like star, not so sweet like in the children books, and not so good at all?

I am always wondering probably we should change of minds, be more mature in spirit and humanity, instead hoping what the Christmas present we got this year, we should giving what the best present we could to our family, to our neighbor, to our coworker who had paid lower than our salary, to our housemaid, and to others who don't have much as we had, to give them the best Christmas present ever this year:

To giving not from and for our own benefits, but to giving because Christ had blessed us so much. We give thanks and do goodness to the other. Don't wait to be rich to do so.

So, let's stop complaining, and start giving and doing good.

PS: I got mine in most unwanted present this morning. But I glad it was the best news I have. And yes, it was so gloomy and not bright as star. In fact, I will bring it probably until the end of my life. But somehow I am trying to accept and living with it. Definitely not stopping me to do more for goodness. Merry Christmas, God bless 😊.  


  1. I agree you dont hv to wait until you hv a lot of money to give your neighbours, sharing n caring could be dont even if your money is just enough. Thank you for the article

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and kindness, Oma Lea Prasetio. God bless.